• Harmonic Trading: Volume Two

    ht_v2Harmonic Trading, Volume two: Advanced Strategies for Profiting from the Natural Order of the Financial Markets

    Harmonic Trading is today’s most powerful, well-proven new approach to technical analysis. Now, in the second volume of an indispensable two volume set, Harmonic Trading creator Scott Carney presents even more new and advanced techniques for unlocking valid market signals as if they were the combination to a safe.

    Harmonic Trading of the Financial Markets, Volume 2begins with a brand-new review of today’s markets from a harmonic trading perspective. Next, it introduces a series of new and advanced concepts presented in no other book, including the 5-0 pattern and Alternate Bat pattern. Carney also introduces the RSI BAMM Advanced Execution Model, a breakthrough approach to applying Harmonic Trading in real trades.

    The natural harmonic patterns in this book are designed to consistently identify critical price levels and market turning points: patterns analogous to the predictable behavior of natural systems. Carney supports them with examples from widely diverse markets, including 2008’s extraordinarily bearish environment. As in Volume 1, Carney guides traders gently up the learning curve, sharing personal experiences and presenting many clear illustrations. These books don’t just introduce valuable new technical analysis techniques: they provide the tools and help traders need to succeed with them.