• Who are Harmonic Traitors?

    Harmonic Traders vs. Harmonic Traitors

    This concept has been a long time coming for me. My name is Scott Carney, creator of the HARMONIC TRADING APPROACH.  In 1998, I released my first book, “The Harmonic Trader” that defined the EXACT RULES for optimized M and W-type price patterns quantified by Fibonacci-derived ratios.  This material was the result of years of technical research that yielded proprietary and precise strategies that define a consistently accurate process to identify, execute and manage trade opportunities.   I freely shared these discoveries and I have continued to advance new strategies to help traders understand market movements in a world that can often be confusing.  As a trader, I always sought to find those strategies that can establish a framework of expectations that reliably facilitates trading decisions to reduce risk and maximize profit.

    The patterns that constitute the Harmonic Trading approach have emerged as one of the most popular methodologies due to their accuracy and ability to define critical price levels unlike any other market perspective.  I will continue to share these ideas because I believe that KNOWLEDGE NOT SHARED IS WORTHLESS!   Unfortunately, I have encountered an industry rife of “less than truthful” individuals who hide behind an image of mystique and self-promotion to prey upon earnest people whom are inspired by the opportunities that free markets provide.  Even from the beginning, I had to surmount these bad actors in the face of adversity to connect with THE MAJORITY OF REAL TRADERS with whom share my lifelong passion to understand the movements of the markets that define opportunity.

    For the past twenty years, I have taken the high road against these individuals.  I accept that in a competitive industry immersed in fear and greed people will forgo respect and fair treatment of others so that they may make money at any and all costs.  However, I now must once and for all fulfill my fiduciary responsibility to see this through, educate all harmonic traders with a standardized process and create a global organization that promotes those willing to represent themselves with integrity while defending the essence of this methodology against those who attempt to manipulate it for their personal gain.  I receive several emails a week from people who learned from other “educators” who do not understand the methodology, represent the discoveries as their own and leave a trail of blown out accounts that diminishes what Harmonic Trading is all about.  NOW, I am going to directly address those people who are currently the bad actors, outline exact evidence of every claim I present and even allow those accused to openly defend their intentions – but I doubt any of them will.   These people have tried to hijack Harmonic Trading as their own but they have failed. Let me tell you why they fail. Bulls make money, bears make money but pigs get slaughtered!  These pigs now are exposed and I will not stop defending my work so that people can prosper without being manipulated.  Also, I am going to set the record straight so that once and for all, everyone will know the real story of how harmonic patterns were created.  AI have secured Trademarks, Copyrights and I have a Patent-Pending that substantiates that these discoveries are not public domain rather protected intellectual property.

    I want all Harmonic Traders to know that I WANT YOU TO POST CHARTS, EXCHANGE IDEAS AND LEARN THESE STRATEGIES.  In fact, I offer an entire package of webinars, software and a book for people to learn the foundation of Harmonic Trading for free!  Those resources can be accessed at http://www.HarmonicTrader.com.  HOWEVER, if you are an outfit who is selling any harmonic-related information FOR PROFIT, you will now be required to partner with me directly.  Together, we can exponentially benefit in partnership while helping those willing to do the work enrich their lives by teaching the Harmonic Trading process the right way.  If interested, please send me an email to HarmonicTrader@HarmonicTrader.com to learn more.

    We are quickly building a global network of CERTIFIED HARMONIC TRADERS on every continent.  I expect that within a few months we will be reaching millions of people worldwide.  I look forward to working with those whom have dedicated their life to the financial markets and willing to share the blessings we have all realized from these insights so others may prosper.  I know that my current partners share these core values and in doing so, we establish long-term relationships that sustain enduring business endeavors.

    Great Harmonic Trading to You,
    Scott  Carney

    The Harmonic Trader Team



    “Patterns into Profits”