• Daniel Christal

    danielchristalI have over two decades of professional programming experience working with major corporations such as EDS, H&R Block, Wells Fargo, Countrywide Bank (to name a few). I’ve transferred this background over into the trading world.  I’ve developed hundreds of indicators, alerts, and tools for the eSignal platform, but once I discovered that I could do so much more on NinjaTrader, I abandoned eSignal and moved solely to the NinjaTrader platform.  My own personal trading is my primary focus and it’s been my full-time job for years.  That being said, my focus is not on porting our tools to multiple platforms purely for the purpose of making software sales.  I would rather focus on one platform (that I personally use myself) and make it as good and robust as possible.  I feel it’s the best approach for me as well as those who purchase neoHarmonics tools.