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    The Return of HarmonicTrader.com

    Dear Harmonic Trader, Thank you for your interest in HarmonicTrader.com. In the four years that have passed, this website has grown substantially. We continue to expand, while maintaining our precision track record. For example, as the HT.com Market Positions illustrate,


    Letter from Scott Carney

    Dear Harmonic Traders, It has been years since I have written a” letter from the president” to the general public. As we began the next chapter in Harmonic Trading, it is my sincerest wish to express the nature of not


    The Origin of the 0.886 Retracement

    Although the 0.618 and 0.786 retracements have been used in Fibonacci analysis for quite some time, the introduction of the 0.886 ratio is a relatively new discovery. Although I have discussed the ratio on various websites, such as eSignal’s www.esignal.com