• HT Partners

    • Amir El-Araby

      Amir El-Araby

      Amir El-Araby is the Co-Founder & Chief Global Strategist at FxComment.com with 16 years of experience in technical analysis studies for FOREX, commodities and indices. He has worked as a mentor for many companies and institutes where he presented newRead More »
    • Juan Francisco Caudillo Lira

      Juan Francisco Caudillo Lira

      He currently serves as the Sr. Technical Analyst for MONEX Casa de Bolsa (Mexican Brokerage Firm), developing diagnostic techniques and evaluating conditions for the Mexican Stock Exchange “IPyC”, and making trade recommendations on the companies listed in the index. Also,Read More »
    • Daniel Christal

      Daniel Christal

      I have over two decades of professional programming experience working with major corporations such as EDS, H&R Block, Wells Fargo, Countrywide Bank (to name a few). I’ve transferred this background over into the trading world.  I’ve developed hundreds of indicators,Read More »
    • Henrik Siverhall

      Henrik Siverhall

      HT Sweden 38 years old, with roots in Kiruna, has after a number of years both in Gothenburg and Ornskoldsvik eventually settled in Skelleftea, where he lives with his family. His main interest has since childhood been both computers /Read More »
    • Mathias Bergman

      Mathias Bergman

      HT Sweden 40years old, from Piteå in the northern parts of Sweden. Mathias has a former career and extensive experience in the IT industry, but also a genuine interest in data/technology and economy, has acted in the Forex market sinceRead More »
    • Kathy Garber

      Kathy Garber

      After several years as Senior Analyst for The Trading Book and previous lead trader/moderator for MrTopStep, Kathy Garber founded Structural Trading, a place that offers structure to the unknowns in trading. She offers education, premarket analysis videos and charts focusingRead More »
    • Keegan McClellan

      Keegan McClellan

        First began actively trading in late 2011 focusing on trading stocks and ETFs using traditional technical analysis methods. In 2013 he saw his first harmonic pattern (a Gartley on the Swiss Franc), soon after acquired Harmonic Analyzer, and becameRead More »
    • (New Contributor) Terry of Harmonicforex.com joins as guest blogger

      (New Contributor) Terry of Harmonicforex.com joins as guest blogger

      Hey guys, just want to say hi to all harmonic trading fans. My name is Terry, I am from Singapore and I run harmonicforex.com, the Asian partner of Harmonictrader.com I have been trading Harmonics for 6 years now, and IRead More »
    • A Big Harmonic Welcome To Our New Blogger MarketWizard1

      A Big Harmonic Welcome To Our New Blogger MarketWizard1

      Marketwizard1 & Harmonic Trading – Combining Gann Analysis & Harmonic Patterns Time & Price-analysis based on W.D. Gann’s spirals and Scott’s Carney Harmonic Trading. I am a Trader/Analyst, specialized in W.D. Gann’s work where TIME is the most crucial elementRead More »




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