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What is Harmonic Trading?

“Harmonic Trading is a methodology that utilizes the recognition of specific price patterns and the alignment of exact Fibonacci ratios to determine highly probable reversal points in the financial markets. This methodology assumes that trading patterns or cycles, like many patterns and cycles in life, repeat themselves. The key is to identify these patterns, and to enter or to exit a position based upon a high degree of probability that the same historic price action will occur.”
“The Harmonic Trader” Scott M. Carney Copyright 1998

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Access three LIVE sessions each week with Scott Carney. Learn effective Harmonic Trading strategies that unlock the market’s the critical natural price levels, and stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities developing in a variety of financial markets. As creator of the entire methodology, Scott’s insights are unparalleled. His ability to consistently capitalize on harmonic market movements in the LIVE sessions and his ability to outline longer-term situations have set the standard in the industry. The Gold member experience is the total Harmonic resource for any trader who is serious about what it takes!

Harmonic Trading Software Package

Take your Harmonic Trading analysis to the next level. Our proprietary software takes all of the guess work out. This software dynamically draws harmonic trade levels on your chart in real time. You will get the following:

  • Harmonic Pattern Analyzer Drawing Tool
  • AB=CD Symmetry Drawing Tool
  • Swing Bias
  • Swing Metrics
  • Auto-Fibonacci
  • Auto-Harmonic Pattern Finder
  • Auto-Symmetry Alerts
  • Price Alert Drawing Tool
  • Screenshot Tool
  • Quick Interval Buttons
  • ZigZag Tool (Span, Ticks, Percentage)
  • Auto-Symmetry Alerts
  • Price Alert Drawing Tool
  • Screenshot Tool
  • Quick Interval Buttons
  • ZigZag Tool (Span, Ticks, Percentage)

About Scott Carney

Scott Carney, President and Founder of, has delineated a system of price pattern recognition and Fibonacci measurement techniques that comprises the Harmonic Trading approach. Scott coined the phrase Harmonic Trading in the 1990s. He has been credited as a primary influence whom has popularized the use of Fibonacci ratios and their respective patterns over the past twenty years. Harmonic patterns such as the Bat pattern, the Gartley pattern, the 5-0, the Shark, the Crab pattern, and many other proprietary strategies are now widely embraced throughout the trading world.

Greg Morris

Chief Technical Analyst of Stadion Money Management

“I currently oversee the management of more than $3 billion in assets using a technical model. I know firsthand that a trading methodology that does not have buy, sell, and trade-up rules will never be successful. Every effort needs to be made to make the process free of subjectivity. No one has done this better than Scott.”

Paul Desmond

Lowry Reports, MTA Technician of the Year

“I have always found it fascinating that, in the field of securities analysis, so few important gains have been made in the body of knowledge since the 1920s and 1930s. There are a small number of modern-day pioneers among us who must be sought out. Scott Carney is one of those pioneers who has devoted himself to the task of uncovering the hidden logic in the movements of the markets. “