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About Scott Carney

Scott Carney, President and Founder of HarmonicTrader.com, has delineated a system of price pattern recognition and Fibonacci measurement techniques that comprises the Harmonic Trading approach. Scott coined the phrase Harmonic Trading and is largely responsible for popularizing the use of Fibonacci ratios and their respective patterns over the past three decades. He has defined all of the harmonic patterns such as the Bat pattern, the ideal Gartley pattern, the 5-0, the Shark, the Crab pattern and many others. In addition to these discoveries, Scott created many other strategies that comprise the Harmonic Trading approach, including the RSI BAMM, 38.2% Trailing Stop, the Potential Reversal Zone, the theory of Fibonacci ratio convergence, the Alternate AB=CD patterns, the perfect harmonic pattern alignments, the Harmonic Trading Execution Plan, the harmonic impulse structures, the 88.6% ratio and the 1.13% ratio (with Jim Kane of KaneTrading.com), other alternate harmonic patterns and many other trading discoveries never before presented.

Scott created the first harmonic pattern software, The Harmonic Analyzer. Author of five books, The Harmonic Trader (1999), Harmonic Trading of the Financial Markets: Volume One (2004), Harmonic Trading of the Financial Markets: Volume Two (2007), Harmonic Trading, Volume One: Profiting from the Natural Order of the Financial Markets (2010), and Harmonic Trading, Volume Two: Advanced Strategies for Profiting from the Natural Order of the Financial Markets (2010).

In 2005, Scott successfully passed the Series 7, 63&65 (66 combined) securities exams. He joined A.I.G. Financial Advisors as a Registered Investment Advisor. He has since left A.I.G. Financial Advisors after two years to start his own firm. In addition, Scott is a full-member of the Market Technicians Association (www.mta.org) and the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (www.aapta.us). He has been a regular columnist on several well-known websites such as StockCharts.com, TradingMarkets.com and eSignal.com, a featured guest on CNNfn and presents seminars nationally. Scott can be reached at: [email protected]

Scott is devoted to educating traders. He currently offers an exclusive Members Only website for traders to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Harmonic Trading Approach, as well as a Monthly Report, Educational Webinars, one on one training opportunities, many free resources and much more. More details can be found at www.HarmonicTrader.com.

HarmonicTrader.com maintained an excellent track record for years in both its trade recommendations and overall market calls . Scott recently launched www.HarmonicTrading.com as the official website for this rapidly growing trading community.