Harmonic Trader Affiliate Program Introduction

Dear Harmonic Trader Affiliate Candidate,

I would like to welcome you to the official Harmonic Trading Affiliate Network. We have tremendous opportunities to promote and deliver the highest quality products and services for customers while fostering leaders in the burgeoning Harmonic Trading industry.  As creator of the methodology, I am leading the OFFICIAL Harmonic Pattern Trading network with the best tools and ideas that sets the industry standard.  My focus is to establish a long-term proactive community that promotes the proper framework of measurement strategies and enforces a level of fiduciary responsibility to represent a standard above the norm.  In fact, Harmonic Trader is the standard that ALL OTHERS IMITATE.  Therefore, our work together will capitalize on the inherent integrity and superior performance that HarmonicTrader.com has already established.  Please review the entire document but the Harmonic Trader Affiliate Program process is summarized as follows:

  1. Register as an affiliate. (If you have previously signed up, you do not need to register again.)
  2. Consult directly with HarmonicTrader.com for review and setup. (We will schedule meeting via email after receiving basic information).
  3. Receive media pack with images, agreement guidelines and unique promo code with affiliate discount schedule.
  4. Add authorization documentation to webpage/blog, including current harmonic products sold. (You will be given authorization statements and required disclosure.)
  5. 90-Day Probationary Period – After adding documentation and product listings from HarmonicTrader, we will review the updated webpages and approve your affiliate listing. (ALL PROBATIONARY AFFILIATES WILL RECEIVE A FLAT 25% COMMISSION DURING THIS TIME)
  6. After 90 days, we will review progress and affiliate performance. After the trial period, we will upgrade to full affiliate status where you will receive more benefits, higher commissions and expanded opportunities to work directly with HarmonicTrader. (AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS AS HIGH AS 50%!)
  7. Annual Review – HarmonicTrader will review all affiliate performance annually.


Harmonic Trader Affiliate Objective: Create an opportunity for motivated individuals and companies to promote the proper foundation of Harmonic Trading with products and services that reach to the next generation of traders.  The entire Harmonic Trading experience is about empowerment and connection.  As affiliates, it is essential to remember that we are representing a knowledge that requires hard work to realize empowerment. It is our objective to facilitate the learning curve for those that follow in our footsteps.  All affiliates must demonstrate these abilities through excellent work backed up with a dedication to help those truly learn. We can only grow in our trading career through the exchange of ideas between people who represent a professional standard of mutual respect and ethics.  Through this knowledge, we can capitalize on dynamic opportunities provided by the harmonic framework, teach effective predictive trading strategies, understand market movements within a defined natural framework and ultimately prosper with the resources and tools the right way!

Harmonic Trader Affiliate Benefits:  The following benefits are detailed to explain how to maximize the Harmonic Trader Affiliate relationship.  All Harmonic Trader Affiliates will be required to complete an initial 90-day PROBATIONARY PERIOD.  During this time, all affiliates will receive a standard 25% commission on revenues generated from authorized sales of software and educational products and services by Scott Carney/HarmonicTrader.com.  Affiliates will receive their statements and commission payments at the end of the 90-day period.  After the initial 90-day PROBATIONARY PERIOD has been completed, all Harmonic Trader Affiliates will receive expanded benefits including monthly commissions, incentive bonuses and higher revenue rates above minimum performance levels.

  • Harmonic Trader Affiliate Categories
  • Affiliate Referral Commissions
  • Affiliate Referral Commissions Payment
  • Harmonic Trader Affiliate Authority/DMCA Whitelist
  • FREE Harmonic Trading Software
  • Harmonic Trader Affiliate Listing
  • Harmonic Trader Social Media Network Connection
  • Harmonic Trader Business-to-Business Network Relationships
  • Potential Co-Branded Opportunities with Harmonic Trader/Scott Carney
  • Access to Scott Carney/HarmonicTrader.com


Harmonic Trader Affiliate Categories 

  1. Harmonic Trading Group Admin/Harmonic Pattern Blogger: Any individual who operates a harmonic pattern group/blog or is an admin for a harmonic pattern group.



  1. Harmonic Trader Certified Educator Affiliate: An experienced trader/trading educator who has experience teaching harmonic patterns and has been certified as a Level I educator.


  1. Harmonic Trader Certified Educator (Foreign Language): These affiliates work directly with Scott Carney as HarmonicTrader.com entities, and these relationships include the official channels for languages other than English.



Affiliate Referral Commissions:  We will be offering commissions two categories of OFFICIAL Harmonic Trading products and services exclusively from Scott Carney / HarmonicTrader.com – software and educational resources.  Everyone will receive a unique coupon code, media kit with approved logo images and citation authorization to add to blog/website to generate sales as an authorized affiliate.

  1. Harmonic Pattern Software Product Mix – We have the ability to reach all trading demographics through our add-on programs and our web-based solutions.
  • Web-Based/TradingView: Recognized the OFFICIAL Harmonic Pattern Educator, Scott Carney’s partnership with TradingView.com creates a fantastic opportunity to synergistically promote and facilitate the rapidly expanding Harmonic Pattern presence on their website.  We will be offer retail harmonic pattern packages through www.TradingView.com starting at $29.95 and up to $79.95 for the full pattern package including the Pro Harmonic Indicator Suite.
  • Add-on Harmonic Trader Platforms: Ninja, Sierra Chart, Tradestation and others have pricing power mostly because these programs have enhanced capabilities, including pattern automation, alerts and remarkable sophistication to present the best harmonic pattern opportunities in seconds! Many traders utilizing these programs have funded accounts and need all of the tools they can get!  These deluxe pattern suite add-on programs represent some of the most sophisticated trading technology ever created.  In fact, the proprietary harmonic strategies, optimized pattern algorithms and technical information offered on these platforms are so good that billion-dollar hedge funds are using the program!  We now can offer these advanced tools starting at $50-125/month with premium add-ons.

It is important to note that the programs will all possess the same pattern algorithms across the board but will offer varying levels of functionality.  The majority of the mass market wants the Scott Carney Harmonic Trader pattern package at an affordable price.  For this reason, we will provide a basic Harmonic Pattern package as the introductory program.

HarmonicTrader.com OFFICIAL Software Available on:

  • Ninja Trader 7&8
  • Sierra Charts
  • eSignal
  • ChartIQ
  • Metatrader 4 (Available May 10)
  • TradingView (Beta Available May 15/On-Sale June 1)
  • TradeStation (Available June 2018)
  • Others – Think or Swim, Interactive Brokers, MultiCharts, more!      (September 2018)


  1. Harmonic Trader Education Product Mix – As an affiliate, commissions will be available for those who promote Scott Carney/Harmonic Trader Educational Products+Services. The same 25% commission is received during the 90-day probationary period applies.

Existing Harmonic Trader Education Products and Services:


Affiliate Referral Commissions Payment:  The affiliate will receive their first affiliate payment and sales commissions information at the end of the initial probationary period.  Commissions will be paid on a monthly basis after the affiliate has been approved.  After the trial period, affiliates will receive full access to the expanded benefits and enhanced disclosure working directly with Harmonic Trader.    

FREE Harmonic Trading Software: Access one of a number of Harmonic Pattern Platforms available (SEE PRODUCT LIST) for free with Full Affiliate status.  We encourage affiliates to choose the program that best suits their needs and works best for their customers.  Although some platforms require a paid data feed, there are COMPLETELY FREE OPTIONS that we can now offer such as MetaTrader4, TradingView and NinjaTrader with SIM accounts through 3rd-Party Data Vendors such as FXCM.  This new option is advantageous for trials for new traders who are only willing to access FREE TRIALS.  Also, we have a built-in Crypto-feed ready for our TradingView application, which will enable Harmonic Trader Affiliates to reach an even wider market.

Harmonic Trader Affiliate Authority/DMCA Whitelist:  Over the past several years, we have successfully removed thousands of illegal links and successfully challenged payment processors and domain registrars proving infringement on harmonic pattern intellectual property.  The legal agents now fully monitoring and responding to these situations have begun to clean up the illegal outfits effectively. And, we are just getting started.  Going forward, all affiliates will be authorized to produce videos, posts and digital content without future action by legal representatives of Scott Carney / HarmonicTrader.com and will have all relevant urls WHITE-LISTED from DMCA complaints.  Therefore, it is essential for affiliates to disclose all channels of content dissemination and submit urls for YouTube channels, Facebook main page, other social media and websites to prevent future actions filed.  Starting April 2018, we now have retained two legal monitoring services to remove all infringing online content related to the numerous harmonic terms and keywords on YouTube videos, illegal websites knock-offs, domain registrar DMCA complaints and payment processors violators.

The official authority of Harmonic Trading is founded within the Copyrights and Trademarks secured by Scott Carney / HarmonicTrader.com over the past 20 years.  These rights comprise an entire portfolio that encompasses all harmonic pattern keywords and terminology.  Over the past few years, Harmonic Trader has strengthened its legal reach to enforce intellectual property rights held collectively in the following Trademarks and Copyrights. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN!  Therefore, a broader assertion of these rights will be required going forward but it is in everyone’s best interest to be an authorized agent of these rights and present the proper disclosure online as such.

Copyrights and Trademarks 

The various Book Copyrights and Trademarks on names such as Bat, Crab, Shark, and others that cover harmonic pattern discoveries were filed with the release of the discoveries over the past two decades. In recent years, other rights have been secured related terminology to ensure that all key pattern strategies are covered as well as a few new terms that have been released in “Harmonic Trading: Volume Three” as well as the new harmonic software. The following is not an all-inclusive list but representative of the pattern portion of my ip portfolio.



AB=CD Pattern 86844028



Bat Pattern 86864860 (Incontestable after 10-year renewal)



Butterfly Pattern 77001543



Crab Pattern 86865007  (Incontestable after 10-year renewal)



5–0 Pattern 77001230  (Incontestable after 10-year renewal)



Shark Pattern 86842233  (Incontestable after 10-year renewal)



Harmonics 86863008



Harmonic Trading 77001229 (Incontestable)



Copyrights – International Registrations

  • The Harmonic Trader (Copyright 1998 Harmonic Trader Press)
  • Harmonic Trading: Volume One (Copyright 2004 Harmonic Trader Press)
  • Harmonic Trading: Volume Two (Copyright 2007 Harmonic Trader Press)
  • Harmonic Trading: Volume One 2nd Ed. (Copyright 2010 Financial Times Press)
  • Harmonic Trading: Volume Two 2nd Ed. (Copyright 2010 Financial Times Press)
  • Harmonic Trading: Volume Three (Copyright 2016 Harmonic Trader Press)


Affiliate Listing: All affiliates members will be listed on the Harmonic Trader Affiliate page with their bio and profile photo featured.

Example: Terry Tan, Project Leader Harmonic Trader China   https://harmonictrader.com/terry-tan-profile/


Harmonic Trader Social Media Network Connection:  Promote and connect global harmonic pattern leaders around the world through an official Harmonic Trader Social Media Exchange Repost of affiliate online digital content and related media.  Affiliate members can share their social media accounts through the OFFICIAL Harmonic Trading channels and groups as well as have authorization to repost content from Scott Carney / HarmonicTrader.com.

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Others


Harmonic Trader Business-to-Business Network Relationships

Recognized throughout the trading industry, Scott Carney / HarmonicTrader.com is recognized as the leader of the harmonic pattern industry.  We have a number of existing corporate partnerships with major software brokers, data vendors and other substantial online communities. As an affiliate partner, we can create cross-promotion opportunities to potentially to reach larger online audiences and increase revenue growth through greater network exposure.  Current online relationships Harmonic Trader already possesses with companies such as TradingView, NinjaTrader and others provides additional business-to-business efforts above and distinguish our content above and beyond the rest of the crowd.


Potential Co-Branded Opportunities with Harmonic Trader/Scott Carney:  All affiliates can work directly with HarmonicTrader to offer Scott Carney education programs that are “co-branded” with your website/group and officially endorsed. These can include online classes, live regional seminars and other harmonic-events produced together.


Access to the Founder of Harmonic Patterns:  As the Harmonic Trader business expands, the ability to reach traders individually will diminish.  However, qualified affiliates whom are representing the foundation of this work will be able to consult with Scott and the Harmonic Trading team to facilitate growth and expand business.  Therefore, if you are looking for market mentorship, advice or just somebody to discuss business ideas with, the Harmonic Trader team is here to help you through the development stages as you grow.


Harmonic Trader Affiliate Program Restrictions

  • Terms are non-negotiable
  • Affiliate Status will be reviewed annually
  • Terms of Affiliated Agreement may change at any time.
  • No other “harmonic products” will be allowed to be sold other than the affiliate’s current product and services.
  • All affiliates are required to utilize an official harmonic pattern software program from HarmonicTrader for web content and future programs.
  • Existing webinar products and harmonic educational courses currently sold must be reviewed before any official endorsement will be possible.
  • All details and terms will be resolved during the probationary period.



You will receive further materials and instruction to set up properly.  Please contact us directly at [email protected] for more information.