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    Start with the FREE Harmonic Trader BASIC Membership program to learn the foundation of this approach properly.

    There are three considerations that all Harmonic Traders must consider when utilizing the program.

    1. Harmonic Pattern Identification Automated – We have optimized the harmonic pattern algorithms to define HARMONIC ZONES as defined by the strategies presented by Scott Carney in his Harmonic Trading Volume 1-3. These patterns may vary slightly from traditional measurement parameters that only assessed extreme high and low price points. The optimized algorithms identify the ideal HARMONIC ALIGNMENTS to highlight the optimal zones. WE RECOMMEND THAT ALL HARMONIC PATTERN OPPORTUNITIES BE AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED FROM THE SOFTWARE THAN MANUALLY MEASURING. The pattern screener match list automatically features patterns that have completed and those structures that are developing.
    2. Harmonic Pattern Execution – Many Harmonic Traders fail to integrate the Terminal Bar strategies that are essential in execution. Harmonic Patterns are accurate however their execution requires patience and precision. Harmonic Pattern execution is not even considered until the pattern has officially completed. In the Harmonic Pattern Software, the zone will be illustrated and a sun icon will appear at the exact price bar where the execution can be initially considered.
    3. Harmonic Pattern Management – Harmonic Patterns require specific rules to differentiate Reactions from reversals. Please review the educational videos that describe the Type I+II Harmonic Pattern Management strategies that effectively outline when to aggressively handle a position versus allowing more time for the situation to unfold.

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