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    Q: No EURGBP Bearish Bat Daily on the MT4 as you had said ……why does it differ from the e-signal then?

    A: It is a data feed issue where certain broker feeds differ from an AGGREGATE FEED like ESignal. 

    We are continuing to see why there are differences to such a degree but it appears to happen on smaller brokers who can display their own feed on top of the primary exchanges.  These 3rd party exchanges follow the AGGREGATE feed but are able to have differences because of NO REGULATION.

    Ever get stopped out when market is 25-30 pips from spot price only to see a snap back?

    Me too and it is because they literally can run stops, create trades OFF MARKET that is still real money but alters price data feed.  This is critical to pattern formation and a great reason to stay with longer-term time frames. We are releasing an FAQ soon to address these issues.

    Q: How do you scan your pairs ? How do you choose the pairs ? Dont you have a lot of pairs to trade after a while ? It would help if i knew how you chose and scan your pairs.

    A: I stick to majors

    TRADE Daily, 4hr timeframes

    look at GOLD, Crude too

    stay away from secondary/speculative mkts – no need.

    Q: Hoping you can help me understand the Indicators. I have been watching NZDJPY on both 4 hour and Daily charts. With the Daily AMP and HSI are telling me overbought and RSI nearly there. With 4 hour AMP at 50 and RSI still quite high but HSI telling me oversold. Not sure how I would read these charts especially with HSI on 4 hour. Could you please give me your take on this if you wouldn’t mind.


    It signal as PRZ that is a sideways harmonic pause and NO REAL REVERSAL.

    Scratch these for break even or small loss since they flag potentially flawed zones.

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by Corey.
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