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LIVE Harmonic Trading Recap/Returns Monday
A REMARKABLE SESSION! We discussed the BIG HSI Overbought trigger in ES @ 2674 level as a critical turning point for the day to retest recent lows. The ES fell 90pts!  Not NQ or YM but ES!!!.   We reviewed the EURUSD Bullish Gartley that rallied 150+points from the entry. Also, USDJPY Bullish Crab on Daily is retesting TYPEII entry @ 1.0860. As outlined in today’s session, the major markets must retest recent lows.

Weekend Harmonic Reading: Review the January Report or take a look if you did not get a chance.
The “harmonic pause” has become something a bit more but not too significant in terms of time.  Markets such as SP500 and NASDAQ have merely retraced gains of the past 6-8 weeks.  I recently identified some lower objectives in these markets 2650 and 6200, respectively.   There is an opportunity on the long side but I must stress that the volatility is at extremes not seen in years.
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