Monday afternoon at 12p Eastern, we will meet for a special open session on the YouTube channel where I will talk about harmonic patterns in recent Crypto markets as well as long-term situations to consider for the year ahead. Also, I will give away more books and free HPC software subscriptions.
Harmonic Pattern Collection Course

I will review the upcoming Harmonic Pattern Collection (HPC) Software course that runs January 8, 9 and 10. Please review the information at the following link:
The course is open to current Gold Members and everyone who purchases or upgrades to one of the two packages. I will be featuring Harmonic Pattern Collection (HPC) strategies that focus on advanced techniques never before presented.
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Holiday Schedule

For the holiday week, we WILL NOT have the Thursday LIVE session at 12p Eastern. For more information, please consult the Calendar on the GOLD Member’s page.
This week’s Holiday/New Year schedule will be:
Monday December 28 9a Eastern LIVE Gold Member’s Session
Monday December 28 12p Eastern Holiday YouTube Open Session
Tuesday December 29 9a Eastern LIVE Gold Member’s Session
Monday January 4th 9a Eastern LIVE Gold Member’s Session
LIVE Harmonic Update
We reviewed several significant situations this week, outlining several notable opportunities that are now unfolding. Please watch this week’s LIVE session recordings:
After finally reaching our long-awaited target on the S&P 500 at 3710, the recent pullback is now trying to retest this substantial resistance again. Meanwhile, the daily chart shows a clear Bearish Deep Crab pattern that targets 3820. For now, we are focused only on 3710 as the larger scenario will be triggered once we surmount the current zone.
The NASDAQ has paused at a daily AB=CD structure at the 12,745 level this week. The pattern has triggered a recent Harmonic Strength Index bearish confirmation that is containing the action FOR NOW. However, the likely target for early 2021 in the NQ futures is the completion of the weekly Deep Crab formation at 13,600. Once the index cracks 12,800, the price action will likely accelerate quickly to complete the pattern. This pattern continues to stand out as an inevitable reality even if the index consolidates lower.
I continue to target the 1790 area with a Bullish AB=CD as the likely continuation within the long-term uptrend. This week will likely see the retest at 1820 as the long-awaited entry to catch the major continuation within the long-term uptrend to resume.

Final Note
As the markets finish this unprecedented year, we must look forward to the continuation of the “unprecedented” theme. I think there will be more surprises – both good and bad. The markets will face and overcome many challenges but we should become accustomed to more unprecedented events in 2021. There will be many winners but those companies that have continued to thrive throughout this year will likely dominate even more so going forward. Most laggards continue to languish and they will likely not survive the next wave of changes to come.
The top-shelf 21st century publicly traded companies – mostly tech – are positioned to enter any essential industry (Think Apple entering EV market) and continue to thrive. With the ability to access UNPRECEDENTED amounts of capital, the remarkable shift of tech’s focus to a wider array of industries will create new opportunities few are anticipating.
Clearly, the current economic environment is unprecedented in many ways – even recent government statistics have been at record levels. Despite the atypical financial conditions, the current state of unprecedented corporate dominance at hand from companies like Tesla (TSLA), Alphabet/Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL) and others have yielded some of the greatest returns of any investment in history! Although these and many other market leaders will experience 20-30% corrections along the way, this year proved the strength of the long-term uptrend in these stocks. Even more so, their long-term uptrends must be regarded as a larger realization that even in the face of unprecedented challenges, these companies will always figure out a way to make opportunities regardless of the problems at hand. For me, this year’s performance of the NASDAQ 100 proved that it is time to anticipate a much larger reality that is likely unfolding in this index. I will outline my thoughts this week but it is time to consider aggressively bullish LONG-TERM TARGETS for the NASDAQ 100. Much like Bitcoin, I believe the harmonic patterns and indicator readings in the NDX are pointing to a larger potential unfolding. We will begin to discuss this possibility Monday. If you have any questions about the course and HPC Software, please contact me directly.

Happy Harmonic Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to All!