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LIVE Friday August 4th 9a EST – Option Seminar Pt. II

After last month’s seminar that focused on short-term Harmonic Pattern opportunities, I have decided to present another session that focuses on longer-term monthly and quarterly contracts. We will review the session from last month and apply similar strategies on longer-term time frames. We will cover these strategies in a 2-hour session that will include live trading opportunities.

Harmonic patterns provide precision entry and exit levels which is absolutely critical and option trading. However, the risks are magnified in these vehicles, but the rewards even more so. 3 to 1, 5 to 1, or even 10 to 1 returns on weekly options are possible and consistently defined when correctly coordinated with Harmonic Pattern requirements.

How to join?

The webinar is open to all active HarmonicTrader.com Gold and Silver subscribers, new HPC software owners and recent owners (past 90 days).

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