I want to share MY HARMONIC PATTERN SCREENER!  NO SCANNER…SCREENER that shows a number of current and prior patterns to define the critical harmonic zones.  Take a look at the key levels outlined and how this trading tech can save your hours a day and provide STANDARDIZED algorithms that yield consistent results.

How to read the Harmonic Pattern Screener:  These daily matches tell me the last pattern completed, how many bars since the completion, trade parameters of targets and stop loss, as well as immediate patterns that are potential candidates.  I must emphasize that harmonic patterns require the proper measures to validate an opportunity.  In today’s trading world, we no longer need to manual scan for patterns.  I have developed the advanced algorithms that can provide all the relevant harmonic pattern information at your finger tips.  For now, we will follow up on the POTENTIAL PATTERNS generated in this match list over the next few weeks.  EURAUD, GBPAUD, AUDNZD have Crab patterns near completion.  Also, USDCAD and GBPCAD are patterns to watch.

Get with the right software and go from scanning to screening!


If you have questions, send us a questton at [email protected].

Great Harmonic Trading to You,

Scott  Carney
The Harmonic Trader Team