5-0 pattern

The 5-0 pattern®, was discovered by Scott Carney and released in his book, Harmonic Trading of the Financial Markets: Volume Two.

Is a unique structure that possesses a precise alignment of Fibonacci ratios to validate the pattern. Although the 5-0 pattern® is considered a retracement pattern, as the 50% retracement is the most critical number within the Potential Reversal Zone, the measurements of the various price legs are slightly different than the Bat pattern™ or the Gartley™.

The 5-0 is within the family of 5-point harmonic reversal structures and is primarily defined by the structure’s B point – as is mandatory for all harmonic patterns™. However, the 5-0 pattern® requires a reciprocal AB=CD measurement to define the pattern’s completion.

The basic premise of the pattern is to identify distinct reactions following the completion of a contrary trend. Valid 5-0 patterns® typically represent the first pullback of a significant trend reversal. In many instances, the AB leg of the structure is a failed final wave of an extended trend.

The 5-0 is an incredibly precise pattern that possesses only two numbers – the 50% retracement of the BC leg and the Reciprocal AB=CD Pattern™.