I have decided to launch a HPC Holiday Special as a follow-up for those who missed out on the Black Friday offer. The HOLIDAY SPECIAL discount is 25% off and it is valid until January 1st. This is the last discount package as we offer these specials once a year! 

Get a 25% discount with Coupon Code: HPCHOLIDAY

  • Applicable to HPC Pro Lifetime & 12-Month One Time Purchase options.

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Input the Coupon Code upon checkout.

Please use THIS code for TOS:   HPC25PCT

Access HPC Package Extras: HT.com Gold Membership + Crypto Pt II. January 2024 Webinar! 

All Annual and Owners subscribers will receive access to www.Harmonictrader.com Gold Membership ($249 Value) until Febuary 1. As a Gold Member, you will receive access to all membership privileges, including the “Harmonic Pattern Crypto 2024” webinar on Wednesday, January 10th. In this presentation, I will outline the critical daily, weekly and monthly Harmonic Patterns in the “T-Coins” – aka the “Toilet Coins” – that represent the highest reward in the Crypto 2024 Cycle but represent MASSIVE OPPORTUNITIES.

The www.HarmonicPatternCollection.com software is a must for anyone who wants to unlock the critical levels for crypto 2024. It is an exciting time for any Harmonic Trader and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this special now before it’s too late!

This offer applies to all of the following:

  • HPC Lite TV Annual
  • HPC Lite TV Lifetime
  • HPC Pro 12-month (non-recurring)
  • HPC Pro 12-month (subscription – applies to first payment only)
  • HPC Pro Lifetime

(Code is active from today through 1/01/2024 11:59pm.)

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at [email protected]