HPC Course II Outline
When? June 30 – All day with 3 one-hour sessions.
Who? The course is open to all current software OWNERS of HPC Lite and/or HPC Pro AND www.HarmonicTrader.com Gold Membership (paid).
Not an HPC Owner? Purchase one of the following to attend.
Gold Membership: https://harmonictrader.com/product/gold-membership/
HPC Lite: https://shop.sr-analyst.com/products/hpc-lite-for-tradingview
HPC Pro:







    Sierra Charts:




Where? Online via GotoMeeting – DETAILS SENT TWO DAYS BEFORE.
Recorded? Yes. Available to all HARMONIC TRADER GOLD MEMBERS.

HPC Course II Syllabus
Six months ago, I held a three day seminar online that focused on the complete framework of strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the www.HarmonicPatternCollection.com software. Much has happened since then and the time has come to move further with advanced harmonic pattern strategies that facilitate the critical decisions required to trade with absolute precision. In this program, we will detail the understanding of price action within the FRAMEWORK of harmonic patterns, their true characteristics and the dynamics that unfold consistently after their completion to optimize the decision-making process of actionable opportunities.

Schedule June 30

I will be presenting three distinct sessions approximately 45 minutes each and answer questions at the end.

Session 1: Elements of a Type I Reaction 10:00AM Eastern
Session 2: Conditions that Define The Type II Return 11:30AM Eastern
Session 3: Type II Reversal Strategies and Situations 1PM Eastern

Most of you have experience with harmonic patterns.
If you are new to the subject, I recommend that are you begin with the Harmonic Trader Basic membership available at this link for free: https://harmonictrader.com/basic-sign-up/
I am continuing to move forward to advance the deep understanding of harmonic patterns via the automated HPC software so that any trader can possesses the skills and tools required to be successful in the markets. HPC Course II will outline the specific conditions at each point within the harmonic pattern framework and highlight the repeated phenomenon unfolding consistently to facilitate accurate decisions. These distinctions are essential in differentiating Reaction/Reversal assessments and represent a dynamic skill set that provides deep harmonic insights well-beyond simple pattern identification. Through this advanced understanding, the ultimate goal of the HPC II Course seeks to strengthen the relationships within the community by creating the sharpest and most capable HARMONIC Traders anywhere! If you have questions, please send to: [email protected]