Dear Harmonic Trader,

I am pleased to announce a 3-Day Harmonic Pattern Collection (HPC) Course program January 8, 9th and 10th for all new subscribers and upgrades. The course is designed to show how to maximize all of the tools available within the HPC platform. Also, I will outline advanced HPC strategies that I use every day in my trading. The course is based upon the HPC software and requires that every attendee activate HPC for their desired platform. All harmonic pattern strategies are based upon the auto-generated HPC signals with some commonsense tactics to determine which situations possess the ideal conditions to validate the opportunity. Therefore, the HPC program is a prerequisite for the course. The HPC Package gives everyone a complete solution to kickstart their New Year with the tools and strategies necessary to successfully navigate these markets. Anyone who upgrades or purchases their HPC license to an annual or Owners’ level can attend the three-day course.
Start Here to Choose your Package:
Annual Lease Package
Get HPC Pro and HPC Lite until January 1, 2022! This annual lease gives you BOTH versions, a 30-day HarmonicTrader GOLD Membership Call and access to the 3-day course.
Owner’s Package:
Own TWO full HPC Pro licenses and get an owner’s license to the HPC Lite version of your choice (TradingView, ThinkorSwim) included.

Before the HPC Course
Everyone must prepare for the two weeks before the course to get the most from this material. We will be outlining a specific set of strategies that require a basic knowledge of Harmonic Trading. We will build upon this foundation to integrate precise strategies that capitalize upon the software’s ability to define opportunities automatically. Please follow these steps to get ready for this program.
Get Started 1, 2, 3…
1. Access the FREE Gold Member’s Resources: Download and start reading the PDFs to all Harmonic Trading books available on the Basic members website.

Gold Members

If have yet to register, please sign up immediately as a Basic Member at the following link:
2. Activate the 14-Day FREE HPC Pro Software Trial page and review the options for the platform that best suits you.
3. Study these resources and follow your preferred markets with the HPC software live over the next two weeks. Between the books, the software and the videos, everyone should be quickly familiar with the foundation of the HPC Program to be ready for the course material.
Course Schedule
The course runs online from January 8, 9 and 10th. These three sessions will be approximately 90 minutes each. You are expected to download the software, activate your free trial and download the books to begin. Also, I recommend that everyone watch the pattern videos available on the Gold Member’s page. Every trader should understand the difference between a Gartley versus a Bat pattern, a Crab versus a Butterfly, and the finer points of execution strategies such as Terminal Bar and Potential Reversal Zone. In addition, trade management strategies such as Type-I versus Type-2 should also be understood.

The schedule is as follows:

Session #1. Friday, January 8th 12p Eastern – HPC Identification: In this session, we will focus on the identification strategies that mark the completion of the pattern. In the past, I have conducted webinars that review the basic metrics of each pattern. We will not be doing any of that in this program as it is all available on the Basic Members page.
We will focus on critical concepts such as Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ), Terminal Bar, indicator confirmation and price action assessment that define the validity of a harmonic pattern opportunity. Although I have discussed these concepts previously, I will outline the strategies in a more defined presentation.
Session #2. Saturday, January 9th 10a Eastern – HPC Trade Execution: In our second session, we will look at the various combinations of pattern completion scenarios that include RSI BAMM, AmpRSI, HSI and other factors that define the preferred conditions to trigger an actual execution. Other strategies will include stop loss and profit target considerations as well as the proper expectations BEFORE the trade is executed.
Session #3. Sunday, January 10th 12p Eastern – HPC Trade Management: The management of any harmonic pattern opportunity is the most critical aspect to maximize profitable opportunities and minimize drawdown. In this session, we will break down the critical trade management strategies as well as outline the prescribed expectations within the harmonic pattern framework that facilitate decisions in each opportunity. We will focus on Type-I reaction strategies and examine Type-II reversal concepts, differentiating the signals and expectations in each situation. These decisions are all essential in the optimization of the management of any harmonic pattern opportunity. Most important, I will outline specific scenarios of flawed/failed harmonic patterns conditions that will invalidate an execution in advance. It is extremely advantageous to understand the warning signs in advance to avoid these common mistakes.
If you have questions, please contact me directly so I can help you get started immediately. Add my email: [email protected] to your contacts. Also, please make sure to setup you HPC software and start watching the videos to be prepared for the course. You will receive your Gold membership information as well as the calendar for the program shortly after HPC activation, and I will be sending further notifications as we get closer to January.

Great Harmonic Trading to You,

Scott Carney
The Harmonic Trader Team