Course Objective
The purpose of this session is to highlight specific strategies and concepts that provide a fundamental breakthrough in the understanding and ability to be a successful trader. All traders face a steep learning curve early in their journey. However, many are quickly realizing the remarkable metrics that quantify key technical levels that harmonic patterns define. The Harmonic Pattern Collection software is a revolutionary technology that now automates these levels accurately and dynamically. The HPC software has proven itself to reveal the undeniable harmonic nature of the markets. Although the program facilitates the identification of structural opportunities, traders must grasp the other aspects of execution and management to effectively capitalize on the potential of these strategies.
The Harmonic Learning Curve
This course will require that participants have a basic understanding of the entire Harmonic Pattern Framework model. Well beyond the basic identification of patterns, this course will look at specific situational consistencies that repeat within this process that facilitate effective decision-making within a defined framework of price levels. I suggest watching the following course presentations as a primer for this course.
Session 1 – Identification
Session 2 – Execution
Session 3 – Management

If you need to review the basics for harmonic pattern measurements, please review the video library that features individual sessions for each structure as well as reviewing the pdf of “Harmonic Trading: Volume Three” – available on the Basic Members page:
Final Note
On a final note, I do not do seminars like this frequently. The last one was approximately a year and a half ago. I am relaunching Silver and Gold Member premium content and resources this week in anticipation of this course.
Current subscribers as well as recent HPC customers can attend. If you want to attend the seminar, please sign up for a Silver or Gold membership:
If you want to purchase the program, please access at the following link:
All course attendees must have one version of the Harmonic Pattern Collection software activated as a part of this course. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, May 21st. The session will begin at 10AM EST and the room will open at 9:30AM EST. We will take a break by 12:00PM for 30minutes and resume with a Q&A session for all attendees. If you have further questions, please contact me.

Best Regards,

Scott Carney