As many of you are probably aware we have been experiencing problems with our HPC Combo indicator since this past weekend (problem started on or about 10/14/2022). It appears that any existing chart layouts that contain the HPC Combo indicator continue to operate normally, but if you try to load HPC Combo into a new layout it will time-out and generate an error. Prior to this past weekend we had experienced no issues with this particular indicator.

We have opened a trouble ticket with TradingView technical support and they are looking in to why this is happening…but the ticket has been open for several days now and we have not heard anything back. We are assuming it is due to a change made to one or more of their servers, but we cannot confirm that at this point.

While we were waiting for tech support to get back to us we ran a number of tests on our end and have determined that the JSON alert logic that we added back in April of 2022 is at least relevant to the problem. In testing, if we remove just that JSON logic the HPC Combo indicator appears to compile and operate normally with no issues.

So, since we have no idea how long it will take for TradingView technical support to get back to us, in the interim we are going to post a new version of HPC Combo with the JSON alerts logic removed (all other recent feature updates will remain intact). If/when TradingView technical support fixes the issue that caused this problem on their end, we will put back in place the original HPC Combo version. Until then, though, the JSON alerts feature will not be available.

Note that the update will be automatic. We will post the interim version late this afternoon (10/21/2022) and you will automatically be updated the next time you log into TradingView. We apologize for any inconvenience.