NinjaTrader8 Harmonic Trader Platform Download

NEW NinjaTrader8 Harmonic Trader Platform Download

I am happy to announce that the Harmonic Trader Platform is now updated. The program will be available through the exclusive partnership and requires new licensing through the OFFICIAL HARMONIC TRADING VENDOR! Your prior licenses will remain valid as long as you do not uninstall the old program. If the old version fails and requires a replacement, the new Harmonic Trader Platform MUST BE DOWNLOADED as your new program. TO BEGIN – FOLLOW NT8 INSTRUCTIONS AND DOWNLOAD THE ZIP FILE AND FOLLOW 3RD PARTY LICENSING INSTRUCTIONS.

Harmonic Pattern Collection for NinjaTrader (NT8) Installation Instructions:

Please review the following instructions. If your email can access zip files, click the attached file to OPEN and INSTALL the Harmonic Pattern Collection (HPC). Your license will be activated after install is complete (a reboot may be required). If your email server blocks zip files and you are a new HPC customer, you need to contact me directly so I can get your install setup.

DOWNLOAD NT8 and HPC Zip File: Upgrade to latest version (v.8.013.1) of Ninja Trader 8 to ensure full functionality.
If you are running v8.013.1 or higher, the program will function properly. Make sure to have your Ninja license key to input for the upgrade. FREE Ninja Licenses are available with SIM accounts.


SAVE HARMONIC ZIP FILE TO COMPUTER: Install HPC for Ninja Trader 8 by saving the HPCIndicatorsNinja8 to your hard drive – either to Desktop or C Drive.




IMPORT HPC ZIP FILE TO NT8: Open Ninja Trader 8, When the window opens access from the CONTROL PANEL the import function by selecting TOOLS>IMPORT>NINJASCRIPT ADDON . This will open WINDOWS EXPLORE to select the HPC ZIP file that was downloaded, and hit ENTER/OPEN to install Harmonic Trader Platform HPC .
(You can check to see if the program has been imported properly by reviewing the Ninja Trader folder typically found at this address: C:\Users\HT\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin )
The zip file will install and provide a warning that you are not registered.

LICENSE ACTIVATION: Access the NT8 Control Center window and under the HELP menu, scroll down to open the 3rd Party Licensing tab. Enter in the Vendor Name section exactly as shown HarmonicTrading (no space) and input your user defined ID – name or email address without @ or periods, for example mine looks like this: scottcarney or harmonictradergmailcom and click SUBMIT and the machine ID will be generated, this is the ID that you copy and paste into an email that is mailed to our partner at Divergence Software [email protected] with the title “NT8 Trial Activation Request”

ACTIVATED!: After we received your code, your program will be activated soon thereafter. Please restart your machine, the HP indicators will work on your charts but they will need to be inserted into the chart. RIGHT CLICK on chart, scroll down to bottom to select TEMPLATES and click on LOAD. A window will open and select the HarmonicPatternCollection file listed.

If you have questions, contact me directly for help.

Great Harmonic Trading,

Scott Carney