I recently came across a video file of my first ever mainstream media interview from the now defunct CNNfn nearly 15 years ago. The following video marks a moment in time for me where my strategies that defined the collective harmonic pattern framework were gaining a larger acceptance in the trading community. They put me on to talk about stop losses and Martha Stewart. I was willing to jump at the chance thinking it would be a significant interview to crack mainstream financial media channels with harmonic pattern content. In the end, it was nothing but an opportunity to get some media experience. (Poor Video Quality)

Since then, I have been interviewed on a few radio shows, podcasts and magazines. In 2015, I was the keynote speaker of the FXCUFFs Conference in Poland (Courtesy xtb.pl). These have been true learning experiences but not effective in reaching people who are truly into trading as a part of their life…not just a job but a way THROUGH life. In that regard, I am motivated to help traders by offering the largest FREE EDUCATIONAL WEBSITE of harmonic pattern strategies anywhere!


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The entire harmonic pattern approach has gained acceptance by traders as a basic analytical framework much like other Wave Theory approaches to the market. Admittedly, the harmonic pattern reputation has been tarnished by #harmonictraitors attempting to capitalize on the increase of interest. Regardless, the larger progress of understanding and proper harmonic strategies have prevailed to help traders navigate any market. I will continue to share the essential harmonic pattern resources to further not only the understanding but the essence of what this work truly represents. Therefore, I share this interview as a reflection of how my life as a trader has progressed through life. Private/public – it does not matter. As long as the work remains the focus, all other pursuits are secondary.