Gold Members – UPDATED!
Hello Harmonic Traders. The Gold membership has been a valuable resource with premium content and remarkable market opportunities outlined in the live sessions but I believe there has been a greater need to facilitate communication between myself and Harmonic Traders wanting to learn in a more interactive environment. I am changing the benefits of the membership which will in fact bring more value and services at that price. How it will work…

Register at to join and participate in the official Harmonic Trader community (only GOLD Members can interact). Once registered, use the following to access the channel: where Scott Carney will be featuring numerous market ideas relevant to all traders. The Discord channel will have special educational session and q&a with Scott and soon to be announced special guests.
Attend the LIVE SESSIONS – now on YouTube – 3x/week to ask questions about strategies and markets (only Gold Members will have questions answered) – Attend GOLD MEMBER ONLY SPECIAL SESSIONS: We will have advanced educational sessions 1x/month that focus on specific strategies, market opportunities and frank discussions regarding the “Truths of Trading”.
Activate your software License: GET FREE TRIAL – HPC PRO + LITE (TradingView).
For more information, review the following: 1 HPC Lite for TradingView & 1 HPC Pro (any platform).

HPC Pro: We encourage everyone to access our FREE 14-Day Trial for any platform from one of the following installation pages: Meta-Trader. ESignal, Ninja Trader, Sierra Chart, (You can try more than one!)

HPC Lite (TradingView): Send your TradingView Username to [email protected] to request a 14-day FREE TRIAL.